Friday, July 13, 2012

Chicken Paradise in the Fence Show

The Arts Center is truly a dynamic place. Every time I enter The Arts Center I can expect to see or experience something new. It’s not always the art on display either, sometimes it is the events being held or just the people present. The constant at The Arts Center is change.

    Today when I walked through the main entrance of The Arts Center I was relieved to see that the Main Gallery was still filled with the artwork for the Fence Salon. I still have not looked at everything . . . at least, I have not looked at everything the way I’d prefer to. I am sure it seems pretentious to an outside observer, but I have often been guilty of being one of “those people” that stands and stares at artwork. When art grabs you it is as immersive an experience as reading a good novel, emotions and memories are recalled and often reframed through the observation of art - at least in my opinion.

    I invite you all to come down to The Arts Center in the next few days and walk around the Main Gallery, see if something grabs you, look up the artist’s name, and seek out more of their work. Be forewarned though,  as Sunday the 15th will be your last chance to see all of the artwork currently on display. The artists whose work was not chosen for the Fence Select show will be removing their work before the selected artwork is re-hung.

    If I was to suggest a time to come visit The Arts Center in the next few days, I would suggest coming sometime in the early afternoon. The reason I say this is because it is camp season here at The Arts Center, and I find the camper’s presence adds a certain energy to an already dynamic place. It is especially entertaining to overhear the comments of the young campers as they look at the art hanging in the Galleries. I wish I knew what piece of artwork one young lady was looking at when she confidently exclaimed and repeated that what she was looking at was “chicken paradise.” Perhaps you can work out which painting in the President’s Gallery is “chicken paradise” and let me know.

I’d like to finish this post by thanking the readers of “An Intern’s Take on The Arts Center,” for taking the time to comment on it. I appreciate the feedback and greatly appreciate being asked to write another post because of the response generated.

Matthew Cassidy is an intern at The Arts Center of the Capital Region.


  1. I saw the entire show after purchasing my veggies at the Farmer's Market last Saturday. It is a wonderful exhibit/respite from the heat, but also the works took my mind to places that surprised me! I am always interested in seeing what's new on the art scene and this exhibit has something for everyone! Truly not to be missed in it's entirety~before the scale down...There were several pieces NOT SELECTED the I just loved! Others will too!

  2. Great post! I will definitely try to get down to The Arts Center to check out the exhibit and see if I can figure out which piece of art is Chicken Paradise!!

  3. Looking forward to getting to the Arts Center again. Thank you for the update on the recent installations!