Friday, August 3, 2012

Potions and tricks in Wizards, Wands + Magic camp

Every summer The Arts Center comes alive with kids and teens in our summer camps. This week the youth campers are having a great time in “Wizards, Wands and Magic.” I wanted to share some of the creative projects they have been working on this week with instructor Robyn Cross. 

Egg in a Bottle
Robyn wowed the kids when she got an egg to squeeze into a bottle. She put boiling water into a glass container. After the glass was heated, Robyn discarded the water and placed the egg back at the opening of the bottle. The egg was slowly squeezed down, even though it didn’t fit before! Look at the enthused reactions of our campers:

Quill Pens
The campers had a great time writing will quill pens. Throughout the week, the kids have been adding drawings and instructions to spell books, and the inked pages add a little pop!

On Wednesday campers made oobleck, a non-newtonian fluid. That means that it acts like a liquid when it’s being poured, but acts like a solid when a force is acting on it. If you’ve never seen oobleck, it’s hard to believe that cornstarch and water could create something so fascinating. Here’s a video that shows a kiddie pool full of oobleck. Our campers didn’t make quite that much, but they still got to experience the fun.

Learn how to make your own oobleck here.

Those are only a few of the projects the kids have been working on this week. Take a look at our Facebook album of photos to see more!

Lauren Hittinger is the Communications + Special Events Manager at The Arts Center of the Capital Region.

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