Thursday, May 23, 2013

Try It! Classes

If you've ever wondered what it's like to work in our studios, this is your chance to find out!  

This summer we are happy to introduce "Try It!" classes. Visit one of our studios, meet an instructor, watch demonstrations, and get a hands-on experience, all in 2 hours!

Try your hand at Woodworking, Jewelry, Stained Glass, or Pottery.

Woodworking Studio Tour | Thursday, May 30th | 6-8PM
Jewelry Studio Tour | Wednesday, June 19th | 6-8PM
Stained Glass Studio Tour | Saturday, June 22nd | 12:30-2:30PM
Pottery Studio Tour | Saturday, June 29th | 12:30-2:30PM

Try It! classes are designed to give a sneak-peek into what can be created during our multi-week classes. Each 2-hour session is $20 for Members/$25 for Non-Members, with a $5 studio fee.

To register, visit or call (518)273-0552 x231.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Swissted: Mike Joyce

From April 13 to April 21, The Arts Center of the Capital Region has the extreme pleasure of hosting Mike Joyce's Swissted. Born in Troy, Mike Joyce is an amazing graphic designer and the owner of Stereotype Design located in New York City. 

Joyce specializes in entertainment industry projects. He has designed album covers for top charting artists such as Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy, Heart, Thirty Seconds to Mars and many more. Joyce's talent doesn't stop there. He has redesigned vintage show flyers of the '70's, '80's and '90's belonging to David Bowie, The Smith's, Radiohead and more, into International Typographic Style posters. These amazing posters are available in Joyce's new book, Swissted: Vintage Rock Posters Remixed and Reimagined. The cool thing about this book is the 200 posters included are all microperforated and can be hung to revamp the walls of your home. 

Joyce's book is available for purchase and to be signed by Joyce himself at The Arts Center on April 18 from 6:30-8:30 PM. Come and relive the music of your youth with Mike Joyce and The Arts Center of the Capital Region. 

Alison, a junior at Russell Sage College, is an intern with The Arts Center. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

French Cooking in February

Love to cook? So does Elise Mogensen. This woman is the real deal; receiving a diploma in Culinary Arts from The French Culinary Institute in New York City and gaining more culinary knowledge working as a chef in Mexico. But Elise's love for cooking doesn't stop there. She's currently in the process of writing two cookbooks, "Coastal Maine Summer Cooking: History and Today" and "Coastal Maine Winter Cooking: History and Today." There's no doubt this woman is amazing and now you have the opportunity to learn from one of the best!

Image via Cup of Jo

Elise will be teaching cooking classes at The Arts Center this month. Elise's classes offer you a chance to learn more about French cuisine (and who doesn't love France?). Join Elise and learn classic French technique, how to master the perfect French vinaigrette and how to use a whole animal (specifically a duck). She even offers a Valentine's Day treat; teaching a class on French desserts. Take Elise's class and make your special someone a delicious gourmet dessert, or if you're like me, make those desserts for yourself and indulge in their perfection.

Elise's knowledge of cooking doesn't just settle in France. If you're interested in other types of food check out her class on curry, and enjoy curry from around the world! Which kind will be your favorite?

The best part of Elise's classes is that all of her ingredients will be from local markets such as Albany's and Troy's Farmer's Market. Just because you don't live in France doesn't mean you can't enjoy their remarkably delicious cuisine.

Bon Appetit! 

Alison, a junior at Russell Sage College, is an intern with The Arts Center.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Readings + Writing Events

Hi! My name is Alison Kosinski and I'm a new intern at The Arts Center of the Capital Region. As a junior at Russell Sage College, I have begun to focus on what I actually want to do with my life. I'm an English major and have been answering the dreaded question of "What are you going to do with an English degree?" since I declared it my major my senior year of High School. I was embarrassed to even answer because I didn't actually know. I thought of other possible majors I could enjoy, but as it turned out, I couldn't picture myself as anything else but an English major. Now that I'm in my third year of college, I needed experience and exploration into the world of writing.

I think it must have been fate that I started my internship at The Arts Center this semester. The month of February here at The Arts Center is filled with book and writing events (all of which I will be attending, of course).

Sunday, February 10th | 2PM
I'm very excited for this event, especially because it features local poets Dan Wilcox and Nancy Klepsch. I find local writers inspiring. Perhaps someday I could be in their shoes!


Monday, February 11th | 7PM
I'm not exactly a fan of Valentine's Day (although I do love the candy). However, this event isn't going to be all lovey dovey. So whether you're happy and in love or are spending Valentine's Day with your cat, this event is for you. Come listen to funny works about this heart-filled holiday, and best of all it's free!


Thursday, February 28th | 7PM
Although I've never read anything by Kenison or Roach, I'm sure after this reading I'll be adding theirs to the pile of books next to my bed. After doing some research, I'm in complete awe of these women. Kenison's work has appeared The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple and many more. Roach has worked at The Times Union and was hired by Martha Stewart as her first garden editor. Kenison puts all her energy into her family, while Roach finds solace in plants. Both Kenison and Roach are ready for the next step in their lives and it's beginning with their newly published books, "“Magical Journey: an Apprenticeship in Contentment,” and “The Backyard Parables: a Meditation on Gardening, and Life.” Join me on the 28th for this special reading and see where these two remarkable women are headed next.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Classes for holiday gifts

Here at The Arts Center, we have a number of classes that can help you make homemade gifts for everyone on your list. You can learn new skills and make personal presents in the following upcoming courses:

Holiday Gifts: DIY Home + Body
Saturday, December 1st | 1-3PM
It says it write in the name- holiday gifts! This class will explore ways to clean house using all-natural methods and also receive instruction on how to choose natural kitchen ingredients to match a variety of hair and beauty needs. Various projects include an all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, body scrub and butter. All of these projects make great holiday gifts, so presentation and storage issues will be covered as well.

Resin Charm Workshop
Tuesday, December 4th | 5-9PM
In this one day workshop, you will make a charm in either brass or copper that will be filled with a special resin, encasing a photo or other small memento. Students are encouraged to bring small objects, drawings, photographs or text (printed to an appropriate size) or other jewelry-sized components to add to their pendant. Some metalworking experience required- students should be proficient in sawing, filing, soldering and polishing.

Stained Glass Ornament Workshop
Sunday, December 9th | 12-4PM
Create a simple, beautiful hanging ornament in an afternoon! You’ll learn some basic stained glass techniques and will come away with a new appreciation for the art form. Plus, you’ll take home a fabulous gift for the holidays – if you can bear to give it away!

Chocolate Candy Bars
Tuesday, December 11th | 6-8:30PM
Have you ever dreamed of designing your own unique signature candy bar? In this hands-on class, we will discuss and make various components of a candy bar. Students will use the components to make layered candy bars. These delicious treats make perfect edible gifts for the holidays!

And there’s even a great option for the kids…
Family Sunday: Holiday Cards
Sunday, December 9th | 1-2:30PM | $5 per child
In this Family Sunday, we’ll make crafty holiday cards for our friends and family. Think snowflakes, glitter, paint, and more!

Happy holidays!